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ReNano Automobile Engine Oil Additive

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ReNano Oil Additive - 150ml


 Suitable for cars with an engine oil capacity of up to 5 litres.
Cars, Smaller SUV's, Vans
*Check your owner manual for your car's engine oil capacity 

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ReNano Oil Additive - 250ml


 Suitable for cars with an engine oil capacity of up to 8.3 litres. 
SUV's, Vans, Small Trucks
*Check your owner manual for your car's engine oil capacity

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it suitable for my car?

ReNano is universally compatible. It is suitable for cars, vans and trucks with petrol, diesel and LNG engines. Check your car owner's manual to find out the engine oil capacity and choose the right ReNano product. ReNano 150ml is suitable for treating up to 5 litres of engine oil. ReNano 250ml is suitable for treating up to 8.3 litres of engine oil. 

If my car's engine oil capacity is 6 litres, which product should I use?

The optimal dosage of ReNano is to have at least 3% of the total engine oil as ReNano additive. This means that for 6 litres you would have to add at least 180ml of ReNano for optimal results. For 6 litres of oil we would recommend using a full bottle of ReNano 250ml for best results. 

What's the difference between ReNano and other products such as Redex?

ReNano is an oil additive rather than a fuel additive. The product will remain active in the engine until you change the oil in the car, meaning that the product benefits will remain for thousands of miles, not just for a short period of time. 

Is it not enough to use just good engine oil in the car?

While we strongly encourage you to use high quality oil at regular service intervals, it is unlikely that the base oil can offer similar performance to ReNano. ReNano is an add-on oil additive so you can easily top up your high quality engine oil at home and have access to the additional benefits offered by the product. Our laboratory tests carried out by both Fraunhofer Institute of Tribology and VTT Finnish Technical Research center actually revealed that under certain conditions ReNano additives can actually double the interval between oil changes. This is partly because ReNano retains the quality of the oil for longer but also the metal shavings/sediments from the friction components will be significantly reduced because ReNano forms a protective and regenerative layer on friction surfaces. 

How can it save petrol if its an oil additive? 

ReNano works by reducing the internal friction inside the engine and for older cars it restores friction surfaces to improve the overall performance. Every car and engine is slightly different, please see our testimonials from other users to see how much they have managed to save fuel using ReNano.

Any more questions?

Get in touch either through Facebook or via Email: info@renano.eu and we would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

ReNano - Powered by Nanol Technology

Tested and proven through thousands of miles on land and sea

ReNano is powered by Nanol technology which uses organometallic chemistry to produce tribofilms on metal surfaces. The ReNano additive consists of copper oleate particles in stable molecules which ensures the additive is truly oil soluble.  The copper nano-particles are formed in-situ using a three-phase chemical process. Because of this unique system, ReNano does not affect the functioning of other oil additives or react with other oil components.

The ReNano additive acts as a transport system to move copper nano-particles to worn metal surfaces. The deposited nano-particles immediately reduce internal friction, especially in newer engines, which reduces fuel consumption and increases engine power.

Copper ions form a protective copper layer on the friction surface through a chemical reaction. This reduces engine wear and the copper layer reduces gaps in the engine mechanism. A tighter engine works more efficiently and reduces fuel and oil consumption, as well as the emissions. 

The ReNano additive can reabsorb the copper particles that become dislodged, which enables ReNano to self-heal and ensure sustained robust performance. Using the additive after every oil change is beneficial because this way the protective anti-wear coating created by the additive will remain active, which guarantees optimal protection of the engine.

Easy to use

  1. Shake the additive bottle before use.
  2. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.
  3. Turn off the vehicle.
  4. Empty the bottle into the engine oil reservoir.
  5. Start the car and let the engine run in neutral for five minutes.


Using the product after every oil change is necessary to ensure the regeneration of the protective layer which guarantees the efficient working of the engine.

Product does not contain nano-particles - protective nano-particle layer is formed only on friction surfaces inside the engine oil solution.

May void car manufacturer's warranty.

Škoda Octavia 2015 1.4L TSI 110Kw (Petrol)

Petrol mileage increased from 52.3 mpg to 58.6 mpg.

Range Rover 2004 3.0 (Diesel)

Petrol mileage on highways increased from 33.2 mpg to 37.6 mpg.

Infiniti FX35 2004 3.5L V6 (Petrol)

Petrol mileage increased from 18.8 mpg to 20.7 mpg within a week of using the product.

Nissan Qashqai 2013 1.6L (Petrol)

Petrol mileage increased from 39.2 mpg to 42.2 mpg during steady driving on the highway the day the additive was used. Emissions (CO) reduced by half.

Peugeot 406 2003 1.8L (Petrol)

A week into using the additive the petrol mileage started sequentially increasing from 34 mpg and reached 36.7 mpg. Engine oil consumption reduced by half.